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Osteopathy for Mothers & Babies

What is Osteopathy?  

Osteopathy is a safe established system of diagnosis and hands on treatment. Osteopaths are used to dealing with patients in pain – whether it occurs in babies through the mechanical strain of birth, the young through sports or work related injuries; caused by weight and postural changes in pregnancy or in an older patient with arthritic pain. Their role is to alleviate pain, to improve mobility and posture and to make patient’s lives more comfortable.
What do Osteopaths treat?  
Osteopaths are not just ‘back specialists’,they also address problems affecting any part of the musculo-skeletal system which in turn has an affect on the health of the body as a whole. 
Some of the problems that Ostepaths treat are:
• Back & Neck Pain
• Tension Headaches
• Arthritic and joint pain
• Sciatica
• Postural adaptation to pregnancy
Sports Injuries
•  Babies & Children
• Circulatory problems, local or minor
• Fatigue, stress and tension


Osteopathy for Babies: The small amounts of movement that exist in the infant skull permit the baby’s head to adapt to the forces of labour. However when birth complicated by being unduly slow or fast, or when other complications occur such as the need for forceps delivery the infant head may not fully recover from the distortion. This may result in subtle changes in function leading to varying problems.


Osteopaths will often use a special technique, often called cranial osteopathy, when looking at children. This employs the osteopath’s highly trained sense of touch to identify and correct mechanical disturbances and limitations, both in and around the joints of the skull, and throughout the body. Osteopathic techniques are suitable for children at all stages of development.

These same techniques are employed when treating new mothers, and may be supplemented by more structural techniques, such as massage and articulation, which are more appropriate for adult treatment.

Osteopathy for Children:

As children grow older, problems may become apparent which may have arisen because of knocks or strains in earlier life. Recurrent infections in the ears, eyes and nose may be due in part to restrictions in the small yet important movements between the various bones of the growing skull. Many osteopaths experienced in this field also consider that mechanical stresses on the body can be an important factor in cases of developmental delay, such as delayed speech, educational difficulties and problems with co-ordination and physical development that have no particular medical diagnosis. Such children often make better progress once osteopathic treatment has been started.

Older children can also benefit from osteopathic treatment; helping the body to adapt to the postural demands made on it during periods of rapid growth,and strains or sprains caused by large amounts of exercise.


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